Johnny Smith the Road to a Professional WKN World Title

10th August, 2021

Johnny 'Swift' Smith - his road, in brief, to how he's earned a shot at a Professional WKN World Title.
A top Korean kickboxing champion, Sunghyun LEE, will travel to Belfast to face, Bangor’s Johnny ‘Swift' Smith for the WKN’s Professional Welterweight World Kickboxing crown.
The breaking news was announced (Sunday 30th May 2021) by the WKN world office and it’s all going to happen on a #BillyMurray promoted show; #KnockdownLockdownevent on September 12th at the Stormont Hotel in Belfast.

This long anticipated card will feature ProKick’s young samurais; James Braniffis set for his first WKN K1 British Title shot, Jay Snoddon will step through the ropes for a WKN K1 International Title and Grace Goody will go face to face with an experienced opponent for a WKN K1 European Title.

As if that and a fantastic formal dinner show with a three course meal wasn’t enough...Sunday 12th September...a significant date. 32 years since Billy Murray won his first professional World Title fight. This time around it’s his son-in-law, Johnny Smith who will compete in his first professional world title shot against a renowned Korean kickboxing specialist. Will history repeat itself?

Knockdown Lockdown is not to be missed. Lockdown has been counted out...make sure you are counted in!

ProKick are delighted to announce that Datactics are back on board and investing in the next steps of the trio’s kickboxing career, along with Umbrella Protect Insurance - Company Haircutters - Airtastic - Revlon and just confirmed are another big supporter of ProKick and Johnny Smith, they are - Amma Life.

Thank you all, means a lot to us. #BillyMurray

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