This squad finished their first course at ProKick

June 27, 2024

Kudos to the new ProKick Team! 🎉 This squad aced their starter course on Thursday, June 27th at 8 pm! Huge congrats for powering through a challenging yet rewarding final session, with support from ProKick fighters and senior class members. Ready to elevate your skills? Discover how to secure your spot in the next level at #ProKickGym! 🌟👊

This squad finished their first course at ProKick on 8pm Thursday 27th June 2024. Check-out what is next for the team.

This squad finished their first course at ProKick on 8pm Thursday 27th June 2024. Check-out what is next for the team.

Read below and find out what happens next after completing our ProKick 5-week induction course at ProKick:
Here's information on the next level if you have finished your 5-week induction course at ProKick. Our advanced beginners class is where we step the technique up a notch and introduce you to the yellow belt syllabus with the emphasis on how to hold and punch focus pads correctly - we won't expect you to remember everything immediately but after a short period of time you will not forget what you've learnt at ProKick.

Each class will begin and end with a re-cap of your belt syllabus and half way through the class will be pad work, strengthening exercises, new techniques and much'll love it.

You should have received a request to sign-up as a Full ProKick member, if not let us know and our front-of-house ‘reception’ will send you details where to sign-up and make payment to become a full member.

Your annual membership fee of £35 a year - which includes insurance your ProKick license/record book and after that it's just £7 a class - meaning, if you attend class it’s £7 and if you don’t attend class you don’t pay, no monthly fee deductions from your account for classes that you don’t attend.

Simply, Sign-up for the next level - Advanced Beginners class - which will continue Monday 8th July 2024 at 7pm.This class will guarantee your eligibility to apply for your yellow belt (the first grade of 10 in the ProKick kickboxing ladder of excellence). Just sign-in and book on-line. This class will focus on furthering your kickboxing skills by developing your syllabus training while the Monday class will be working on correctly holding and punching and combination drills on focus pads.

Our premises are at; 2-6 Laburnum Street BT5 5BD off Bloomfield Ave.

Further Information:- We have a full healthy eating plan available on

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- Click here for more.Don’t worry if you couldn’t start on this course, we have regular Beginners courses running for those looking to get into shape, so you’ll have no excuse, so involved and sign-up.

At ProKick we are committed to help you achieve, no matter what your needs are we will help you achieve your goal at ProKick - Home of Champions.

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