Kids Home Kickboxing Task No.2

29th March, 2020

ProKick Kids Task at Home fighting Coronavirus. Stay at Home this was the orders from Governments across the world and that goes for Belfast as well. Here's another simple fitness task No.2 helping keep our ProKick Kids active at home. This will help them maintain some physical exercise when they stay at home.
There's more at here at Also check-out the first task

Please send No.3 task before, Tuesday 31st March - by noon 12pm. This will be the closing date and time for the third task for the kids. This should be enough time to complete, it shouldn't take that long to film. The point we are trying to make is - practise, practise and again make sure they practise before you film.

The next video task No.3 is as follows:

15 seconds sprinting & punching out
2 press-ups,
2 sit ups,
2 burpees
15 seconds of your best shadow boxing.

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