ProKick Kids 1st Home Task

25th March, 2020

Hello ProKickers - As we have no classes on at present. Here's the first of our ProKick Kids Home video tasks. We want the kids to keep their training up even though not at the gym at the moment. Thank you to everyone who took part in this simple task, helping you keep all active.

This was your first task for this Week:

2 press-ups
2 sit ups
2 burpees
30 seconds shadow boxing.

Hopefully everyone are staying safe in these crazy times we find ourselves in. We miss all our ProKick Kids classes terribly from the gym.

The next video task No.2 is as follows:

3 press-ups, 3 sit ups, 3 burpees & 15 seconds of your best shadow boxing.
It's to be completed and sent in by Saturday 28th March by high-noon 12pm. One take with no music in the background please. And please video the way requested, like the photograph above.* instructions for parents please record landscape*

Let's say we'll see you all very soon, take care everyone!

Billy Murray

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