May Madness at ProKick

May 30, 2024

On Thursday, May 30th, 2024, we launched the 8th edition of our Five-Week ProKick beginners' course! 🚀 Dive into this hand-picked program designed to get newbies in shape and energise those craving a motivational kick. A warm welcome to all the awesome individuals in the photo, starting this journey with us at ProKick gym. Our mission? To lead you towards a healthier, more active lifestyle! 💪 #ProKick #FitnessJourney

We were thrilled to kick off the 8th edition of our Five-Week ProKick beginners' course!

We were thrilled to kick off the 8th edition of our Five-Week ProKick beginners' course!

Discover an unparalleled passion for the dynamic world of ProKick-style Kickboxing – exclusively at ProKick, Northern Ireland's top Kickboxing sporting club! Congratulations on joining us this evening for the sixth session of 2024, where you'll unlock your full potential! 💪🥋

Missed the class? No worries! If you haven't taken this course yet, we've got you covered. Our ongoing courses are tailored to help you exceed your fitness goals. Prepare to reach new heights! 😄🏋️

We take great pride in our diverse community of members, and we are fully committed to offering personalised support to each and every participant who has joined us. Let's tackle this journey together, embracing our collective strength and determination! 💪🌟

At ProKick, we are truly invested in your fitness journey. We've got you covered with a complete healthy eating plan, accessible at - and that's just the beginning! Join the ProKick family today and unlock your boundless potential. Join the ProKick family and discover your true potential.

Check out our website for more information on upcoming courses and events.

Don't forget to watch our programme "Kick Me"on BBC IPlayer to learn more about our unique approach to fitness and kickboxing. HERE IS KICK-ME

Here's another new documentary coming your way about Billy Murray and ProKick by, award winning photographer and Film-Maker, Jim Crone

Kick-start your fitness plan of the way you want to continue! For more information on the next Beginners course which is now released for 2024 - here's the ninth New course starting on Monday 24th April 2024 @ 8pm, here for more. "

Join us today and kick-start your journey towards reaching your health and fitness goals! 🥊💪

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