Beginners hit ProKick

June 29, 2017

Beginners Course number 14 kicked-off at ProKick HQ in 2017 - Thursday 29th June saw a new class which got straight into action as the newbies worked through fundamentals of fitness, elements of self-defence and all of this on the first night.

Beginners flock to ProKick - new class started June 29th 2017

Beginners flock to ProKick - new class started June 29th 2017

At ProKick all the newcomers had their first taste of ProKick's no-nonsense approach to fitness, all ProKick kickboxing style - and it all kicked-off Thursday 29th 2017.

At ProKick, new starts worked through the fundamentals of fitness, Elements of self-defence and the basics of ProKick kickboxing was explained, and all on the first night.

Don’t worry if you couldn’t start on this course, we have regular Beginners courses running for those looking to get into shape, so you’ll have no excuse not to get involved, We take everyone and no matter what your needs you will achieve it here at ProKick home of Champions.

There is a full healthy eating plan available on for more information on the next Beginners class click here

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