Grace Goody to face Kübra Akdut at KnockdowLockdown

22nd October, 2021

Check out this video with German, Kübra Akdut and N'Ireland's Grace goody talking about their up-coming fight at #LockDownKnockDown Stormont hotel in Belfast, Saturday November 27th, 2021

ProKick’s ‘Amazing’ Grace Goody is set to compete for a WKN European title in the Stormont Hotel on November 27th, 2021. Fight fans will be in for the long awaited championship match from Goody. The 19 year-old squares off for the WKN European championship belt against a top German, Kübra Akdut from the from fight-for-fit and fight club in Kiel, Germany.

. There will be plenty of knockdowns to end Lockdown along with a three course meal for all who were lucky enough to grab a ticket for #KnockdownLockdown .

Are you ready for something to look forward to? Ready to say goodbye to lockdown life? Ready for a kickboxing show like no other? Look no further than ProKick’s Knockdown Lockdown!

An international kickboxing bonanza served with a side of sensational food will ensure that we well and truly come out of this lockdown feasting and fighting! three WKN Championship matches all K1 style.

#LockDownKnockDown will be held at Stormont hotel in Belfast, Saturday November 27th, 2021

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