4-weeks to Go Knockdown Lockdown

15th August, 2021

Four weeks today until #WKN World championship kickboxing will be back in Belfast. Sunday 12th September at the Stormont Hotel will see #BillyMurray 's #KnockdownLockdown This long anticipated SOLD-OUT fight-card will feature Johnny Smith as he challenges for the WKN’s World 69kg title. Three other WKN titles are on the line with ProKick’s young samurais; James Braniff, Jay Snoddon and Grace Goody.

Knockdown Lockdown is not to be missed. Lockdown has been counted out...make sure you are counted in!

ProKick are delighted to announce that Datactics are back on board and investing in the next steps of the trio’s kickboxing career, along with Umbrella Protect Insurance - Company Haircutters - Airtastic - Revlon and confirmed is another big supporter of ProKick and Johnny Smith - Amma Life will also be Ringside.

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We have a range of small to major televised opportunities associated with the #KnockdownLockdown

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