Usual Suspects 3 the Results

Event Date: 11th June, 2017 - 6:30pm

Event Location: Queens Hall, Newtownards

Results from Usual Suspect 3 - and was a roaring success. There was six cracking matches on the card that had something for everyone. A full International fight-card, said Billy Murray the event promoter. There was something for all fight fans on this show at the Queens Hall Newtownards.

Fight Report
Action from Cathy McAleer who is Kicking out Vs Beatrice Marcialis (Cagliari Kickboxing, Sardinia)

Action from Cathy McAleer who is Kicking out Vs Beatrice Marcialis (Cagliari Kickboxing, Sardinia)

Cathy McAleer took a unanimous decision in an non-stop all action K1-style match against Beatrice Marcialis (Cagliari Kickboxing, Sardinia) as she topped the bill at the Queens Hall.

The semi-main event match was also a crowd pleaser - Killian Emery of Switzerland, a ProKick favourite. Killian met tough Irishman Rytis Danuiles from Billy O'Sullivan Kickboxing Gym from Waterford. This fight lived up to the billing as both boys give they're all. Knock-downs, spinning kicks, flying knee strikes with each wanting to win. The judges could only see it one way - Killian Emery wins his 16 fights.

Report to follow

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WKN International K1 match 4x2 - 54kg

Cathy McAleer  WINNER Points (Belfast, NI) Vs Beatrice Marcialis (Cagliari Kickboxing, Sardinia)

Amateur International K1 kickboxing match 4x2 - 68kg
Killian Emery WINNER Points (Yamabushi, Switzerland) Vs Rytis Danuiles (Billy O'Sullivan KB, Waterford)

Amateur Low-Kick match 3x2 
Rowena Bolt
 WINNER Points (Belfast, NI) Vs Julia Chatellier (Yamabushi, Switzerland)

Novice Low-Kick match 3x2 - 57kg
Charlene Best WINNER Points (Belfast, NI) Vs Lorie Lacroix (Yamabushi, Switzerland)

Novice First time fighters:

Novice Full-Contact match 3x2 - 80kg
Henry Moore (Belfast) Vs Thomas Poulain WINNER Points (Yamabushi, Switzerland)

Novice Full-Contact Teenager match 3x2 - 60kg
Grace Goody WINNER Points (Belfast,NI) Vs Natalie Parkins Delaney (Billy O'Sullivan KB, Waterford)

Undercard:ProKick Kids will open the show with a selection of light-contact matches. 

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