Prokick Fighters

Rowena Bolt

Could be a contender for an Ulster title

Record 5F 4W 1L 0D
Assoc. WKN - ProKick
Height 5ft 4"
Weight 54kg
Style Full Contact (Subject to change)
Age 18/02/81
Birthplace Enniskillen

Rowena is currently a blue belt student and a regular fixture in ProKick Gym who spends her spare time training hard when not with her much loved 5yr old daughter Lauren. Rowena Bolt has no martial art, boxing or any fight experience previous to her successful debut in 2014. Rowena signed up for her second fight at the Holiday Inn, Belfast, on 29th March 2015 and was on the main card as part of the Total Divas show - Bolt was true to previous form and won her bout after a fast and furious display of her skills. Bolt kept the winning score again on Sunday 14th June at the Holiday Inn, Belfast on the 'Made in ProKick' show with another 2nd round win. WMAG Switerzland 11th/12th September 2015 ​​Rowena Bolt faced Laurien Geerebaert (CH) the referee stopped the fight in the first round. Next outing is June 5th at the Clayton hotel in Belfast.


Further information about Rowena Bolt

What got you interested in kickboxing?
I have always enjoyed keeping fit and had tried running clubs, aerobics, toning classes and the regular gym but I got easily bored with these. I wanted to do something that involved achieving my own personal goals but also being part of a team and keeping fit so I tried kickboxing.  First I was just going through my belts but when I watched the fighters train I really wanted to give it a go, now I love it and have never been as strong or fit as I am now.
What are your future ambitions?
To get more fights, and work towards my belts.

What do your family think of you kickboxing?
They love it and are very supportive, especially my twin sis - she`s started boxing in banbridge.

What are your hobbies outside kickboxing?
Socialising, dancing and scuba diving.

Favourite food?
Pasta or steak.

Favourite film?
Leon and American Sniper

Favourite Holiday Destination?

What makes you annoyed?

If you had a million pounds what would you buy first?
A fancy sports car.

Do you have any children?
Yes - Lauren is 7

What is your occupation/job?
Medical Secretary


Rowena Bolt is a New Breed ProKick Fighter who will have her second match on March 29th 2015 at the Holiday Inn Belfast.

Keep up-to-date with Rowena's fight blog of what she has to say about

her training, the highs and lows plus lots more:


06/02/14 - Tough 3 classes last night, first circuits (it was clearly arms evening) then syllabus class and finally sparring, first proper spar in a while, I've missed sparring, love it! The girls did good smile thanks Mr. Murray ! 


07/02/14 - Down again tonight to join in the yellow/orange belt classes, was a great wee work out smile 


08/02/14 - Just finished another great sparring session in the gym. Thanks to all the talkers in the ring (Gary Fullerton) for all the extra star jumps and press ups! Feelin awesome wink


  Next fight


Amateur Full-Contact match 3x2 - match made at 54kg
Rowena Bolt
53.4 (Belfast, NI) Vs Keri Webster 55.4kg (winner) (Adrenaline KB, Birmingham)
Rowena come up a bit short as England's Keri Webster was taking no second place

Amateur Full-Contact match 3x2 54kg
Rowena Bolt
(WINNER Points) (Belfast, NI) Vs Lisa Maloney (Tipperary Kickboxing club)



WMAG Switerzland 11th/12th September 2015
Rowena Bolt vs Laurien Geerebaert - referee stopped the fight 1st round 0:17 secs

'Made in ProKick' Holiday Inn 14/06/2015
Female Bout - Full-Contact rules 3x2 rounds match made at 54kg
Rowena Bolt (Belfast, NI) Vs Sharron Lynch (Deise KB Dungarvan, IRE)
Rowena Bolt Winner

 Total Divas Holiday Inn 29/03/2015
Full-Contact rules 3x2 rounds 54kg
(Winner) Rowena Bolt (Belfast, NI) 1F Vs Ceara O'Toole (Galway, IRE)


 Rowena was meant to fight on the Summer Kick at the Holiday Inn Belfast in June 2013 -
Rowena Bolt Winner by walk-over, no show.
Unfortunately her opponent did not turn-up on the day of the show 

Holiday Inn Easter Show  - Sunday April 13th 2014.
Full-Contact rules 3x2 rounds 56kg

Rowena Bolt (Winner 3rd RSF)(Belfast, NI) Vs Naomi Kongolo - team Kongolo Switzerland

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Ulster title!! Love it sir

By RowenaRowena on 06 May 2016

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