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Knockdown Lockdown - We're On Our Way Back

25th March, 2021

Finally, we're on our way back and it's BILLED 'Knockdown Lockdown'

This long anticipated card will feature ProKick’s young samurais; James Braniff is set for his first WKN K1 British Title shot, Jay Snoddon will step through the ropes for a WKN K1 International Title and Grace Goody will go face to face with an experienced opponent for a WKN K1 European Title.

As if that and a fantastic meal wasn’t enough...Sunday 12th September...a significant date. 32 years since Billy Murray won his first professional World Title fight. Will history be repeated? Johnny ‘Swift’ Smith awaits his first shot at the WKN Professional K1 World Title. Knockdown Lockdown could well be the time.

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