Finished proKick Course 13th June 2017

June 13, 2017

Here's our latest group of ProKick Kickboxers who finish a 6 weeks beginners course at the #ProKickGym in Belfast . Congratulations to the latest #prokickTeam of high kicking beginners for completing 6 weeks at Belfast 's premier Martial Arts kickboxingGym ProKick in east Belfast Tuesday 13th June 2017.

Finish 6 weeks Prokick beginners course

Finish 6 weeks Prokick beginners course

So you #Finished #6weeks of #ProKick #Kickboxing - Here’s what happens now: you will move up a level to the ‘Advanced Beginner’s course,’ and will restart next Monday commencing at 7.30pm on Monday 19th June 2017

Welcome to The #oldTinHut and your journey here at ProKick. We hope you have enjoyed your first taste of Kickboxing.

To sign up for the next level and another 6 weeks of kickboxing - it couldn’t be easier (CLICK HERE >>)advanced beginners 6 week course which moves the beginner up a level and it all continues this Monday 19TH June 2017 @ 7.30pm.

This course will guarantee your eligibility to apply for your yellow belt (the first grade on the kickboxing ladder of excellence). This course doesn't run in 5-week intervals you will stay here until you grade.

Want to see more check out all the photos, Video and fight report from this weekends Show The Usual Suspects 3 @Queens-Hall Ards

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If anyone missed out on BBC's Kick Me Programme about ProKick fighters it's part of True North series 8 - it is available to download from as little as £1.49

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