Finished 6-weeks at ProKick on April 16th 2018

April 16, 2018

Well done and a big congratulations to the latest ProKick beginners to finish 6weeks at a ProKick kickboxing course. The beginner squad finished their course of in style with a tough basic pad & bag session on Monday 16th April . Read on to find out what happens next......

Finished 6-week beginners course at the ProKick Gym on April 16th 2018

Finished 6-week beginners course at the ProKick Gym on April 16th 2018

Congratulations on finishing our 6th week class at a ProKick beginners course. Read on and find out how to book the next level at the #ProKickGym 

So what happens now after completing 6 week beginners course? -simply, sign-up to our advanced beginners - another 6 week course which will continue on Monday 23rd April 2018 @ 7.30pm, this course will guarantee you eligibility to apply for your yellow belt (the first grade in the ProKick kickboxing ladder). The course costs, is just £25 for the 6 weeks. For those of you who want to step your game up, then we have an additional Advanced beginners class also which on a Thursday at 7:30pm starting 26th April 2018. You can sign-up for both classes at the reduced price of £40 for 2 nights per week for 6 weeks. BOOK HERE

If you decide to do the advanced beginners Thursday class later, you may join the class on a pay as you go basis at £5 per class. The Monday class will focus on furthering your kickboxing skills by developing your syllabus training while the Thursday class will be working on correctly holding and punching and combination drills on focus pads.

NB. The Thursday class is an extra class you may not substitute this for Monday. 

We hope you enjoyed your first taste of ProKick kickboxing here at Ireland's Home of Champions please keep up to date with club news by subscribing to mailing list. 

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Thank you to all and well done again.

Billy Murray

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