Advanced Beginners

  • Next course starts: 26th February at 7:30pm
  • Course duration: 6 weeks
  • Course cost: £25

So you`ve survived our six week beginners course and now this is the next step. in the last 6 weeks the focus was primarily on the basics & fitness, you put your body through a lot of moves that were new - well done, you can be proud of what you've accomplished so far, but that was only the start.

Advanced beginners will focus on holding & striking Pads

Advanced beginners will focus on holding & striking Pads

Step it up and take your skills to the next level

Our advanced beginners course is where we step the technique up a notch and introduce you to yellow belt syllabus with the emphasis how to hold and punch focus pads correctly - we won`t expect you to remember everything immediately but after a short period of time you will not forget what you've been taught at ProKick.

Each class will begin and end with a re-cap of your belt syllabus and in the middle will be pad work, strengthening exercises, new techniques and much`ll love it.

Option 1: Every Monday at 7:30pm for 6 weeks, just for £25
Option 2: Twice a week for 6 weeks - Monday & Thursday at 7:30pm Just for £40
You can book online using the link below.

Basic Boxing & Knee Part 2

Golden rules – How to survive in Advanced Beginners

  • Wait for the "one"s - you`ll find out in due course.
  • Aim for technique over speed...for now. Use shadow boxing to fine-tune your technique AND defense.
  • Show respect to your partner by touching gloves or bowing.
  • Don't try to show your strength by hitting too hard - learn control first.
  • Remember that our World champions and higher belts started at the beginning too.
  • Don`t give up!
What Prokick expects of you.

Truth - be yourself.

Discipline - give your training everything you can.
Respect - for yourself and others.

This course is ongoing:

2 Classes a Week Available
Attend once a week for £25. Or attend twice a week for £40. Course lasts 6 weeks.

You should have completed a beginners course before being eligible to attend this course.
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