Teaser No.3 Italian Cingolani Vs Snoddon #KnockdownLockdown Belfast

2nd January, 2022

Teaser No.3 for #KnockdownLockdown is coming early January 2022 to
Finally, the one everyone has been talking about, South Korea’s Sunghyun Lee and Northern Ireland's Johnny ‘Swift’ Smith for the WKN Welterweight World crown. Plus two WKN European title matches between Italy Vs N,Ireland & Germany Vs N,Ireland.

It was a red carpet affair at #BillyMurray ’s #KnockdownLockdown at the Stormont Hotel.
WKN officials and representatives jetted in to the Black-Tie formal dinner from France, German, Switzerland, Romania, Italy, Korea, Poland, and the four home countries.
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