ProKick Results Malta

Event Date: 29th October, 2017 - 11:00pm

Event Location: Pavillion, Malta

What a great experience for our young ProKick Kids, a trip they will never forget full of life experiences. There were highs, lows, dramas and a little tears too, but overall the team had a great time and did themselves proud. It was a mixed-bag of results at the event, it was a 50/50 win / loss ratio.

Fight Report
Good Sportsmanship as coaches lead the way

Good Sportsmanship as coaches lead the way

The team were on a three day whistle-stop tour, for a weekend of International competition and team building exercise. The younger ProKick high kickers competed under light-contact rules, whilst their adult team mates fought under mixed rules of full-contact or low-kick kickboxing rules.

I’m happy with the results and overall the way my guys preformed in Malta, said Billy Murray: 

“ I’m not making excuses but most of our Kids have never entered a compettion before never mind climb into a boxing ring in front of a large audience in a foreign country to come face-to-face with a competitor for a fight. That alone is a massive step for kids aged between 7-12 years of age.”
Goody Goodie I won screams Grace...YES!
Goody Goodie I won screams Grace...YES!

Seniors who fought under full-contact rules were:

Grace Goody, fought under low-kick rules was up against an aggressive fighter, however, Grace never lost her composure to win the match on all the judges cards.

Dougie Johnston, fought under low-kick rules. Dougie, the veteran of the group at 43 was in only his second kickboxing match and was involved in a war from start to finish with a younger fighter of 23 years of age. Dougie lost on a close points decision. 

Matthew Kerr, fought under full-contact rules, this was Mathew’s first fight and on an international event. The Belfast fighter controlled the first two rounds with scoring in and out with his long boxing range. In the third the maltese fighter, Ryan Cachia knew he was behind and pushed Mathew in the last round but it wasn’t enough as Kerr took the nod form the judges.

Rowena Bolt, fought under low-kick rules lost on a very close fight on a split decision. This was a competitive match from start to finish, with ringsiders thinking that Rowena should have received the nod from the judges. 

Camryn Brown, fought under full-contact rules. Camryn has been training at the ProKick gym for the last 8 years, also having his debut on the international circuit. The Grosvenor upper sixth student was on course for a win when in the third and final round both boys were kicking at the same time when a freak leg clash resulted in a bad break. Saying that, we’ve got him a Fit to Fly certificate to get home with the team.

Joshua Madden, another debutant under low-kick rules had his first fight away from home. He was up against another first time fighter but looked so experienced in his movement that coach Murray questioned this to coach Noel from Malta.
Saying that, Joshua pushed forward the entire fight not taking a backward step and out-boxed the maltese fighter Deemer Spiteri in the last round. Deemer Spiteri took the fight on points. 

For our teenagers, Jay Snooden & James Braniff there was no fights. Therefor, it was a little ring time with the both boys opening the show with a demo bout. Jay Snooden Vs James Braniff in a demo light-contact demo match. Referee gives a draw on the demo match.

Joseph Millar (DRAW) (Prokick Northern Ireland) Vs Aiden Azzopardi (Ying Yang – Team Noel Malta)
Joseph Millar (DRAW) (Prokick Northern Ireland) Vs Aiden Azzopardi (Ying Yang – Team Noel Malta)


Taylor Armstrong (WINNER) (Prokick Northern Ireland) Vs Faith Marie Scicluna (Team Jalen Malta)
(Kickboxing with low kicks) 2 x 1min rounds - Taylor 46 kg – 13 yrs and Faith Marie Scicluna 45.5 kg – 13 yrs

Daniel Mcallister (WINNER) (NI) VS Liam Micallef (Malta)
Daniel age 10 yrs 47kg and Liam 44 kg – 12 yrs
light contact 2x1 round kickboxing no low-kick

Jay Stewart (WINNER) (Prokick Northern Ireland) Vs Sven Farrugia (Ying Yang – Team Noel Malta)
Both 26 kg and both 10 years of age

Cian Toner (WINNER) (Prokick Northern Ireland) Vs Gianluca Muscat (Ying Yang – Team Noel Malta)
Cain is 24 kg – 7 years old with Gianluca coming in at  22 kg and a big 8 years of age,

Rueben Graham (WINNER) (Prokick Northern Ireland) Vs Marley Banner (Team Jalen Malta)
Rueben weigh’d in at 24 kg and is 8 years old with Marley coming in at 28.2kg and the same age at 8 years of age.

Rebecca Murray (WINNER) (Prokick Northern Ireland) Vs Wendy Amber Pace (Ying Yang – Team Noel Malta)

Riley Hamilton (LOST) (Prokick Northern Ireland) Vs Liam Scerri (Ying Yang – Team Noel Malta)
Riley hit the scales 34.6 kg aged 11 years old with Liam coming in at 32kg 10 years old

Joseph Millar (DRAW) (Prokick Northern Ireland) Vs Aiden Azzopardi (Ying Yang – Team Noel Malta)
Joseph  is 41.2kg at 11 years old with Aiden 38kg and aged 10 

Logan Beattie (LOST) (Prokick Northern Ireland Vs Jadee Cassar (Ying Yang – Team Noel Malta)
Logan was 37.5kg and age 9 with Jadee 34kg and 10 years old.

Kayleigh Armstrong (LOST) (Prokick Northern Ireland) Vs Wendy Amber Pace (Ying Yang – Team Noel Malta)
Kayleigh 27kg is 8 years old with Wendy 23kg and 7 years old

Bodhi Murphy (LOST) (Prokick Northern Ireland) Vs Elston Fenech (Ying Yang – Team Noel Malta)
Bodhri is 35kg and 11 years old with Elston weighing 37kg and 10 years old.

Max Murray (LOST) (Prokick Northern Ireland) Vs Gianluca Muscat (Ying Yang – Team Noel Malta)

Daniel McWilliams (LOST) (Prokick Northern Ireland) Vs Marley Banner (Team Jalen Malta)

Other names of ProKick Kids & teens posted soon....

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