Cathy McAleer Vs Tina Harvey for TFC title

Event Date: 24th September, 2016 - 7:00pm

Event Location: Hammerwich, England

Belfast world champion, Cathy McAleer is no stranger to hard fights but on Saturday 24th Sept Cathy was fighting more than her opponent in the ring. The match between England’s Tina Harvey and Cathy McAleer was for the TFC (Total Full-Contact) world 55kg world title.

Fight Report
Cathy McAleer Vs Tina Harvey for TFC title

Cathy McAleer Vs Tina Harvey for TFC title

The result and proceeding during the match has left more than a few questions needing answered. Yes, questions about the sport of kickboxing and the so called world governing bodies who have an obligation for the wellbeing of our athletes and for fair play in competition.

Two #ProKick #fighters in #England: I’d like to thanks the promoter Chris Bladon for the invite to his event and for the hospitality shown & given to myself and our team, in most parts, quality  work Chris.

It was really nice to see old friends I haven’t seen for a very long time too, Derrick Mann aka Dell-Man - who is doing a great job on developing his TV network for the fight game. 
However that’s not why I was in England, I was there to help my fighters - one being a novice newbie, Charlene Best who give nothing but the Best. Charlene lost on a points verdict against Hayley Boot, both girls had a good fight, well done ladies.

Belfast’s WKN world kickboxing champion Cathy McAleer travelled to England bring with her an army of fight fans to see her try and unify the 55kg devision under Full-Contact rules. 
McAleer shared the ring with two-time world full-contact champion Tina Harvey on Saturday 24th September 2016 at Hammerwich Cricket Club Burntwood Rd, Hammerwich as the Co/Main event on the Adrenaline promoted show. 

The official decision Cathy McAleer lost on points. A full detailed account was passed on to (TFC) when talks were completed with promoters & officials.

Billy Murray
Head coach ProKick  

Cathy McAleer vs Tina Harvey

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