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Classes in the first week at our New ProKick facility

5th August, 2022

We are nearly through the first week in our New facility and I have to keep pinching myself that it’s real. Thanks to everybody for all the support. We had an amazing week so far (Just Saturday to complete week No.1) each day begins at 7am with members in the strength and conditioning centre starting their day off the ProKick way. The first class to ever take place in our new centre of excellence kicked off 1st Aug 2022 at 6pm with the Yellow Belters, then the Advanced Beginners in at 7pm and our first ever Beginners class at 8pm. While all of that was going on upstairs, ProKick members were downstairs in the fitness centre working hard from 5pm. Our first week commenced from Monday 1st August and will go to Saturday 6th August. Lots planned so keep your eyes HERE on our web-site for further details.

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