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Dinner time at the Bash and Mash 2024

24th February, 2024

MORE PICTURES TO BE ADDED THROUGH-OUT THE DAY (Friday 1st March) - What an incredible night at Billy Murray's Bash & Mash! If you were fortunate enough to snag a ticket for the packed event, you were in for a treat. From the glamorous Red Carpet entrance to the fun-filled Photo Booth, the captivating entertainment by the Singer, RHEA and a touching video presentation shedding light on Ukraine's struggles, every moment was unforgettable. The cherry on top was the exquisite three-course meal expertly crafted by the acclaimed chef Jay Eisenstadt. Jay's personal touch ensured that every aspect of this remarkable dinner was a delight for your taste buds.
We were truly entertained and enchanted throughout the evening!

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