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BootCamp is BACK

18th October, 2022

Congratulations team ProKick for another super week at Bootcamp - another will be scheduled at the end of November.
Hello our world-wide web surfers of - our early morning fitness ‘BootCamp’ for enthusiastic wannabe fighters and hard-core fitness fanatics was BACK - we were back again in different surroundings - Our New State-of-the-art Iconic Gym. We RE-started on Tuesday 18th October 2022 and ran to Saturday 22nd. It's been a difficult couple of years for us all so it was great to get back to some-sort of normality.Check-out your up-dates of photographs on our week-long Billy's ProKick early morning ‘BootCamp’

The final Day of Bootcamp - Day No.5 Saturday 22nd October - well done team that was a good tough week. Two on the missing list.

Day 4 Friday 21st October - well it's been a tough week so far and today was no different, this session was all on the legs. Last day tomorrow on Saturday. Three missing from action.

Day 3 Thursday 20th October - today instalment was all about boxing practise, three on the missing list with one extra camper joining in today.

Day 2 Wednesday 19th of October and a week-long Bootcamp. It all kicked-off Tuesday 18th and will finish Saturday 22nd. just 3days left to go. Low-kick was the order of the day.

Day 1 of October's week-long Bootcamp it all kicked-off Tuesday 18th and will finish Saturday 22nd. just 4days left to go. Front kicks was the order of the day.

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