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Action from Knockdown the Lockdown in Belfast

27th November, 2021

We finally done it! 'Knockdown the Lockdown' was postponed FIVE times and Five time we rebuild it and on Saturday 27th November.... we made it happen!
Never give up on your dreams. Billy Murray didn't and here's some of the action and links about the show to prove it.

Enjoy the treasure trove of photographs from Billy Murray's long awaited #KnockdownLockdown

Fight fans, fighters and officials gathered from all around the world at Belfast’s Stormont Hotel to witness their favourite fighters take centre stage in an action packed night full of exciting drama.

Three WKN titles were on the line at the black-tie formal dinner show.

Pictures from the build-up and the event:

Lord Mayor meeting at Belfast City Hall

First Minister of N,Ireland meeting


Red carpet

The Dinner Show

#KnockdownLockdown Results

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