Win one Year training at ProKick for a Fiver

August 31, 2018

STOP PRESS: Here's your chance to help #RebuildProKick GoFundMe page and at the same time win a Full years training at ProKick. Here's the first of our in-house fundraising campaign all in aid of - 'Help Us Rebuild ProKick Gym.' Last year Matthew Kerr won a full years training for £5, and as many classes as he wanted. All proceeds last year went to the Kids Malta trip and we raised £500 this year we are hoping to lift £1000.

Just £5 Pound could buy you a years training at ProKick

Just £5 Pound could buy you a years training at ProKick

Yes folks, here's your chance to win a whole years free classes for just the price of one class, How? Read on.....

We are giving away 1 years membership and classes* to one lucky person. You could win this prize for just £5.

Pick any number between 1 & 100 and once all the numbers have been filled we will pick a number at random live on ProKick's FaceBook.
This is a great prize for any ProKick member, and you will be helping our #RebuildProKick GoFundMe page.

* Terms & Conditions * Prize is non transferable. Does not include bootcamps, course or seminars. Can be bought on behalf of ProKick current member. More than one number can be purchased. Pick your number at ProKick reception.

Good Luck!

We have a long way to go to reach our target on our GoFundMe page to #RebuildProKick

If any of our ProKick members have any good ideas to raise money in aid of our new gym. Please contact any of the team. Or send your plan to but be prepared to join the team and see it through.

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