Weigh-ins done McAleer Vs Vincis

November 18, 2017

Belfast's Cathy McAleer came face-face with her opponent Luca Cuccu Vincis in Genoa, Italy. All ahead of tomorrow's show-down. There was nothing in it as just 100 grams split the two belles on the scales. READ ON>>>>

Weigh-Ins Cathy McAleer Vs Luca Cuccu Vincis

Weigh-Ins Cathy McAleer Vs Luca Cuccu Vincis

The two female fighters didn't do the tradisonal stare-off but greeted each other with hugs.

The match was made at 56kg and Luca Cuccu Vincis coming the the scales first hit 55.8kg with Cathy McAleer following with 55.9kg. 

The event kicks-off at 4pm tomorrow (Sunday) with a 13 fight-card and Cathy Vs Luca will be on around 8pm UK time.

We will endeavour to bring you news as soon as it happens.

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The match is an International kickboxing match under full K1 rules. The bout will be over 3x3 min rounds and will happen tomorrow Sunday the 19th November 2017. KICK-OFF 4pm GTM.

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