Ukrainian Warrior Set to Storm Belfast in February 2024

February 16, 2024

After his remarkable visit to Odesa, Ukraine in early September last year, Billy Murray couldn't wait to lock in a return trip for all the amazing people he met. The Bash n Mash event was scheduled for 21st October 2023, but alas, martial law restrictions and the Ukrainian Muay Thai federation's hesitation with K1 kickboxing rules dashed those hopes. But let's be real, Billy Murray is not one to back down easily. We are on for February 24th 2024......Read below:

One week TONIGHT and ProKick Bash n Mash is scheduled for the Stormont hotel in Belfast. Saturday, February 24th, 2024, showcases 3 WKN Championship matches.

One week TONIGHT and ProKick Bash n Mash is scheduled for the Stormont hotel in Belfast. Saturday, February 24th, 2024, showcases 3 WKN Championship matches.

The show has been rescheduled for Saturday 24th February 2024, featuring one of Ukraine fiercest Kickboxers against one of ProKick's and Northern Ireland's finest. Hold onto your seats as Jay Snoddon, the WKN World Featherweight champion hailing from N,Ireland, squares off against the 20-year-old powerhouse David Tkachuk from UKR, boasting an impressive collection of European & world kickboxing titles under the WAKO banner.

That's not all! Brace yourself for the intense showdown between Spain's David Baros from Barcelona as he takes French K1 national champion Jawed Bengheyati fighting out of 'Team Vanhove' 🇫🇷 a young 18 year-old with lots of fight experience and a desire to be crowned WKN World champion

Get ready for another epic clash! Swiss fighter Killian Emery is about to face off against his arch-rival, Santiago Reyes – a Colombian fighter who how now fights out of Canada. Brace yourself for an explosive event that you absolutely cannot afford to miss!

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After Billy Murray's meeting in the Ukraine with the Mayor and Deputy Mayor of the City of Odesa, Mr Pavlo Vugelman released the following statement from Relations Office of the Department of Culture, International Relations and European Integration of the Odesa City Council

"First of all, let me convey my best wishes and respect to you personally and to all your colleagues.

We highly appreciate your efforts and concern for the development of cooperation between Odesa and Belfast in the field of sports. Especially in today's conditions, your help is an invaluable contribution to our common victory. In continuation of our work on the possibility of organising a sports competition in support of friendship between Ukraine and the United Kingdom of Great Britain, the cities of Odesa and Belfast on February 24, 2024, we inform you that a sports team accompanied by coaches from our city is ready to participate in the event.

Taking this opportunity, allow me to once again express my heartfelt thanks for your solidarity and support for the development of comprehensive cooperation between Odesa and Belfast in these difficult times."

Some Links from the trip to Odesa, Ukraine

Billy Murray and Jim Crone prepare to travel to Odesa
I arrived in Odesa: Billy Murray
Belfast's Billy Murray in War-torn city of Odesa
Returned from the Ukraine

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Not only, will the Ukrainians travel with one of their top fighters eyeing a world title, we're also working on an incredible plan. A group of children, under Billy Murray and Carl Emery's 'The Peace Fighters' banner, will visit Belfast for a week's respite from the harsh realities of war. They'll explore the wonders of Northern Ireland, soak up the vibrant ProKick gym atmosphere, and experience the warmest Northern Irish hospitality throughout their stay.

Carl Emery (Switzerland) expressed tremendous enthusiasm for the upcoming event:

"With my experience promoting numerous events in the past, this particular event truly stands out as exceptional. Together with Billy Murray, we founded 'The Peace Fighter' initiative back in 2006 at UNICEF HQ Geneva. Our program has successfully facilitated international trips for hundreds of children, all with the aim of promoting what's good about our sport worldwide. It gives me great pleasure to announce the association of The Peace Fighters initiative with this event."

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The WKN World President Mr Cabrera had this to say:

“Congratulations to Mr. Billy Murray and Carl Emery on their promotion involving Ukrainian fighters. As WKN world president, your recognition is sure to mean a lot to the people of Ukraine. Your support and acknowledgment will be appreciated.

The work of ‘The Peace Fighters’ particularly the invitation of fighters from a country in a prolonged conflict, holds immense significance. It promotes the ideals of peace, diplomacy, and reconciliation, which are crucial in regions experiencing conflict. It's commendable and sends a powerful message of hope and unity.
Your belief in the power of sport as a tool for peace between nations is truly commendable & honourable.
Wishing for good fights where “the best must win” is a noble way to promote understanding and unity through sports.
Such initiatives can only contribute to a more peaceful world & harmony between nations.

I am proud that the WKN is associated with this event, see you all in Belfast, Northern Ireland!"

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Billy Murray is having the final word on this unique event:
"By attending the event, you'll be supporting a remarkable cause - bringing up to 4 Ukrainian children and their guardians to Northern Ireland. We'll make sure they have an unforgettable experience, taking care of flights, accommodation, and experiencing delicious Northern Irish cuisine. A whole week of exciting activities awaits them, culminating in a prestigious black-tie dinner at the iconic Stormont hotel, where they'll witness their fellow countrymen compete for world honours. Join us and make a difference!

At ProKick, our mission is to rally behind Ukraine through this fundraising event. We're determined to make a meaningful impact and stand in solidarity with them in their time of need.
Together, let's make a difference!"

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Finally, support us by purchasing one or two tickets at £70 each, or if you're a business, reserve a table for 8 or 10 guests for an unforgettable corporate night out. Alternatively, you can also place an ad in our event programme for Billy Murray's Bash 'n' Mash #CFL8. All proceeds from this event will go towards hosting it and bringing up to four Ukrainian children to Belfast for a much-needed week of respite.

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