ProKick Membership 2022

January 13, 2022

Firstly, welcome if you’re a ProKick Newbie or you have made it back to training. if not yet, we look forward to seeing you back soon. Secondly and just as important, All ProKick members are required to pay an annual membership to the club.



The all important membership, is crucial for the up-date of our/your Gym and for you member-member insurance.

Our membership runs from January to January - which is now due please.

During the pandemic, we decided as a club not to pursue memberships during 2020 and 2021 - we thought it was the right thing to do as we had been closed for so many months out of the 2 years.
Some of our existing members felt compelled and insisted to continue to pay membership and some even went over that by continuing to pay class fees on a monthly basics. This was an extremely kind gesture because we were all in this together. This will never be forgotten. Thank you again!

Things have been very difficult for us all through-out this time but its time to look to the future and start to enjoy what's the come. We are currently working on a new State-of-the-art-facility which will be ready end of June 2022. Membership fee’s will increase, however all membership fee’s paid will be honoured until the end of 2022.

All adults membership fee are £35

Kids membership fee aged 6-10 years £25

Kids membership fee aged 11-15 years £20

Thank you for your continued support to the 'HOME OF THE CHAMPIONS’

2022 Here we GO!
Memberships can be paid online or through ProKick reception

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