ProKick Yellow- Green Grading

September 29, 2023

Saturday 14th October will see selected ProKick Adults have the chance to grade and belt-up by moving up a level on the kickboxing ladder of excellence. This grading will be for ProKick senior from advanced beginners attempting yellow belt and yellow belts attempting up to the green belt level.

The next ProKick Adult grading Saturday 14th October @ 2.30pm

The next ProKick Adult grading Saturday 14th October @ 2.30pm

A grading is when Kickboxing students, non-contact and contact, are assessed through a series of levels / grades, with the base level being White Belt, through ten levels, finally reaching a Dan grade at black belt, which is equivalent, if you like, to a degree level in KickBoxing. This type of achievement would take, on average, between six and eight years with a training regime of on average of three to four times a week.

Check-out ProKick Yellow Belt Syllabus

Check-out ProKick Orange Belt Syllabus

All those intending to grade must put name down at your next class. Further information contact reception by phone 028 9065 1074, email or just call in.

ADULTS Registration 2.15pm. Grading starts 2.30pm.

Adults Yellow belt Cost £20 - covers grading, license, certificate & belt - all the rest from orange and above are £15 - Black belts are paid for by ProKick.

Knowing the techniques isn’t enough, all students, Senior must show the correct amount of effort, respect, attendance in classes and discipline in class to become eligible.

Membership to to gym must be up-to-date, if attempting any grade other than yellow, for yellow please bring two passport photos

Just contact the office on (028) 9065 1074 or drop us a mail to if you require further info.

Please do not just turn up – your instructor must give you permission to attend.

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