New Beginners at ProKick

October 03, 2017

Beginners Course number 16 kicked-off at ProKick HQ in 2017 - Tuesday 3rd October saw a new class which got straight into action as the newbies worked through fundamentals of fitness, and elements of self-defence and all of this on the first night.

A New kickboxing Group at the ProKick Gym in Belfast

A New kickboxing Group at the ProKick Gym in Belfast

A big welcome to all our new beginners who all made it to the #OldTinHut - The Home of Champions. The new starts had their first taste of kickboxing and lived to tell the tale.
ProKick's no-nonsense approach to fitness not only stimulates the body but also the mind. All learn't the basics of this highly popular martial art taught by Head coach and founder of ProKick, Billy Murray.

Don’t worry if you couldn’t start on this course, we have regular beginner courses running for those looking to get into shape, so you’ll have no excuse not to get involved.

No matter what your needs are, we will help you achieve it here at ProKick, whether you want to compete, start a healthier lifestyle or want to belt up.

There are healthy eating plans right here available on our web-site@

Or if you are interested in getting your kids involved with KickBoxing there is more info on our website - classes are Saturday mornings at 10:45 and works on a pay as you go system.

Feel free to share images from our website all we ask is you give us a back link. We hope you thoroughly enjoyed your first class with us, subscribe on our social media for updates and news. See links below.....

Well done to all our newbies and we look forward to the next 5 weeks of training.

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