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June 27, 2017

CATHY McAleer WKN World Full-Contact kickboxing Champion can be found every night battering her team mates at the ProKick Gym in Belfast. But by day the former award winning gym boss has gone solo as a therapist, masseur and personal health & fitness coach.

Cathy McAleer is Mac-Fit

Cathy McAleer is Mac-Fit

Massage can be used to prepare athletes for optimum performance levels, prior to an event or can be used to assist muscle recovery after intensive exercise, such as a marathon. It can also be used on a regular basis for sports participants to help prevent soft tissue injury during training.

“Massage will help reduce aches and pains, whether caused by sport, injury, or simply the stresses and strains of modern life. Both sports person and non sports persons can also benefit from a massage.”

Example, It is used to relieve pain, reduce muscle tension, enhance performance, improve range of movement, aid recovery from training and promote healing of soft tissues. Here are some of the key benefits from regular massage therapy can:

Reduces heart rate.

Lowers blood pressure.

Reduces recovery time after an injury.

Rehabs an injury.

Lowers anxiety.

Improves mood.

Increases blood flow throughout the body, bringing vital oxygen and nutrients all over.

Relieves muscle pain and tension.

Improves connective tissue healing, which promotes muscle elasticity.

Stabilizes cortisol levels (a stress hormone, similar to adrenaline).

Improves muscle flexibility, which reduces and prevents injury.

Cathy At Mac Fit
Cathy At Mac Fit

Whether you’re involved in Martial arts, swimming, road cycling, marathon running, triathlon, golf, tennis, gaelic, hockey, rugby, orienteering, rowing, kayaking, windsurfing, mountain biking, motor cross… the list is endless, sports massage can achieve a faster recovery time and less down time allowing you to return to your sport quickly.


Deep Tissue Neck back and Shoulders £25

Deep tissue Full body £35(includes neck, back shoulders, legs & Arms)

Hot stone Neck, back & Shoulders £30

Hot Stone full body £40 (includes neck, back shoulders, legs & Arms)

Swedish massage neck back & Shoulders £25

Swedish full body £35 (includes neck, back shoulders, legs & Arms)

Facial Treatments

MAC FIT Express facial £25 (Cleanse & rehydrate skin)

Collegian Facial £30 

Microdermabrasion £45 (suction treatment that cleanses pores & removes dirt/black heads)

Chemical Face Peel £50 

Below is an article from the Sunday World on Cathy and her new venture 'Mac-Fit' :

Sunday World talk to Mac-Fit
Sunday World talk to Mac-Fit
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