Kicking Kids Results Stormont

February 23, 2019

The results are in from all the kids action this afternoon in the Stormont Hotel. A brilliant afternoon of technique, determination and skill all round. Well done to everyone!

Weigh Ins Rules Meeting Stormont Hotel 23rd February

Weigh Ins Rules Meeting Stormont Hotel 23rd February


All fights are light contact 2x1

Eden Murphy age 10 (ProKick) vs Tiana Wright age 10 (Dungannon KB Club) winner

Rebecca Murray age 10 (ProKick) vs Nerys Molloy age 11 (FightClub Dublin) winner

Reuben Graham age 9 (ProKick) winner vs Blair Kirk age 9 (Dungannon KB Club)

Ethan Allman age 11 (ProKick) vs Curtis Kelly age 11 (FightClub Dublin) draw

Joel Barry age 14 (ProKick) vs Liam Carron age 13 (Golden Dragon) winner

Cian Toner age 9 (ProKick) winner vs Jake Davidson age 9 (Dungannon KB Club)

Jay Stewart age 10 (ProKick) winner vs Nathan Harte age 10 (FightClub Dublin)

Skye Ferguson age 14 (ProKick) vs Ebhlin Mackle age 15 (Dungannon KB Club) draw

Riley Hamilton age 13 (ProKick) vs Josh Lutton age 13 (Dungannon KB Club) winner

Sophia Hoad age 11 (ProKick) vs Amy Brennan age 11 (FightClub Dublin) draw

Jonathan Lowry age 14 (ProKick) winner vs DJ McCann age 14 (Golden Dragon)

Full Contact 2x2

Lewis Craig age 15 (ProKick) vs Cameron Dawson age 15 (Dungannon KB Club) winner

Adam Braniff age 13 vs Jack Anderson age 14 (Dungannon KB Club) winner TKO round 1

Clubs that are taking part - Golden Dragon - Magherfelt, Dungannon Kickboxing Club, FightClub Dublin.

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