New Fitness Course - 6 weeks Of Kickboxing 2018

September 27, 2018

HERE's A NEW BEGINNERS FITNESS COURSE in KICKBOXING - This no-nonsence approach to fitness is an ultimate way to get fit, increase your confidence, learn a new skill with techniques for self-defence in this all in one fitness special. This is a kickboxing fitness beginners course which will help set you up for a fitter healthier life-style. The course is in the form of a six-week course that will stir some life into couch potatoes who need and want to get themselves in shape. The NEW course starts Tuesday 30th October @ 7.45pm. Book Now, see below.......

Here's No. 15 of our new Beginners Class of 2018. It all starts Tuesday 30th October @ 7.45pm.

Here's No. 15 of our new Beginners Class of 2018. It all starts Tuesday 30th October @ 7.45pm.

More information can be found here on this one-stop page to the Beginners guide to Kickboxing which contains information to help you enjoy the course.
Book now for our next 6 week course which kicks off Tuesday 30th October @ 7.45pm.

We will whip beginners into shape and stir some life into those couch potatoes who want to get themselves in shape for the rest of the year ahead. The ProKick course’ will work through the fundamentals of fitness, elements of self-defence and come up with a diet for those serious about getting in shape and shed those extra lbs.

“ Don’t leave it until it’s too late to lose those extra pounds and get fit, book your place now. ” said Murray. “At ProKick we have a long reputation for taking everyone who comes through the doors and finding a regime that is right for them.

“We’ve trained world champions and those keen on burning off a few extra pounds. It’s a fun way to get healthy and it’s open to absolutely everybody. “Kickboxing isn’t just about getting into a ring – it’s a great way to get in shape and stay in shape.”

To watch a short video of what to expect from one of our 6 week courses and the results YOU can achieve for just £25, click here Murray himself is testament to the benefits of the ProKick regime. At 47-years-old, the former world champion made a ring comeback in 2006 and won in triumphant style in the Ulster Hall. His final bout was a fund-raiser for cancer charities.

If you would like book a place on the this course then here’s two ways to book on-line: Pay a £10 deposit to book your place book on-line now Or Buy now in full for £25:

Or for more information drop us an email to or call (028) 9065 1074.

The next new starters Course begins, Tuesday 30th October @ 7.45pm.

Beginners - 6 week course

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