Finished ProKick Beginners 27th Nov 2017

November 27, 2017

Congratulations new ProKick kickboxing beginners for finishing your 6 week course, and you all finished it in style! At Belfast's premier kickboxing Gym tonight, Monday 27th Nov was the final class of a six-week beginner course and it all ended with a fast hard banging pad session, helped by ProKick's Advanced beginners. We hope you all enjoyed your first taste of kickboxing. If you wish to continue classes at ProKick which we hope you all do, then see below to book the next level and to find out more.

New Beginners Finish 6weeks at ProKick on the 27th NOV 2017

New Beginners Finish 6weeks at ProKick on the 27th NOV 2017

You have just finished a 6 weeks beginners course at ProKick, so then here's what happens now:
Sign-up for our advanced beginners 6 week course which will continue on Monday 4th December @ 7.30pm, this course will guarantee you eligibility to apply for your yellow belt (the first grade in the kickboxing ladder). 

The course just costs £25 for the next level, the Advanced Beginners. We have an additional Advanced beginners class also which is on every Thursday at 7.30pm starting Thursday 7th December.

Or you can sign up for both classes at the reduced price of £40 for 2 nights per week for 6 weeks. BOOK HERE

If you decide at a later date to do the advanced beginners on Thursday's class, you may join the class on a pay as you go basis for £5 per class. 

The Monday class will focus on furthering your kickboxing skills by developing your syllabus training while the Thursday class will be working on correctly holding and punching and combination drills on focus pads.
NB. The Thursday class is an extra class you may not substitute this for Monday, unless you have permission directly from the ProKick office.

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