Finished 6 Week Beginners kickboxing 15th May 2017

May 15, 2017

Yet another PROKICK Beginners course comes to an end, WELL DONE to all the latest ProKick beginners who finished their 6 weeks of kickboxing. All beginners who just finished Monday's course 15 May 2017, The class saw beginners all treated to a hard & fast pads session courtesy of some of our senior gym members & advanced beginners who gratefully stayed on to help out.

ProKick Beginners Finished May 17th 2017

ProKick Beginners Finished May 17th 2017

Congratulations to all who finished the first 6 weeks of ProKick kickboxing, a class designed specifically for the beginner.

So, what happens now: - simply sign up for our advanced beginners 6 week course which continues next Monday 22nd May @ 7.30pm. This course will
guarantee you eligibility to apply for your yellow belt (the first grade in the kickboxing ladder).

The course is still priced at £25. However, there is an additional Advanced beginners night which is now available for you and it’s on
Thursday at 7.30pm starting 25th May. You can sign up for both classes at the reduced price of £40 for 2 nights per week for 6 weeks.

What about that! or just the once a week for £25 and If later, you decide to do the advanced beginners on Thursday night then you may join
the class on a pay as you go basis at £5 per class. 
The Monday class will focus on furthering your kickboxing skills by developing your syllabus training while the Thursday class will be
working on correctly holding and punching and combination drills on focus pads & circuit fitness training.

If you need to talk to a ProKick staff member call 028 9065 6414 or email
if you were unable to make Monday 22nd May then please check the website for further details of which class to attend.

Well done on finishing your course at ProKick Gym ‘ Belfast's Home of the Champions’ - we look forward to welcoming you back as advanced beginners!

Tickets are now on sale for our next event The usual Suspects 3 Plus a full under-card to sink your teeth into.

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