Champions Fight League No.9 ProKick Belfast

March 29, 2024

KICKBOXING Action is back in Belfast this Sunday afternoon! I am excited to unveil our latest in-house production, 'Champions Fight League' CFL#9 marks our 9th show in under 18 months at the new ProKick Gym / show venue. Save the date for this thrilling event on Sunday afternoon, April 28, 2024. We are building on the success of our recent 'Bash 'n' Mash' event on Feb 24th, this showcase welcomes both seasoned fighters and aspiring novices. So come out and support the fighters, cheer on your favourites, and experience the adrenaline of LIVE kickboxing action! We are committed to giving opportunities to all those involved in our beloved sport.

CFL#9 marks our ninth show within a span of 18 months hosted at the ProKick Gym. Join us for the event on Sunday afternoon, April 28, 2024.

CFL#9 marks our ninth show within a span of 18 months hosted at the ProKick Gym. Join us for the event on Sunday afternoon, April 28, 2024.

Exciting news, here we go again!
Introducing CFL#9, our upcoming in-house show at ProKick Gym, marking our ninth event within just 18 months.

The upcoming event is scheduled for Sunday afternoon, April 28th, building on the triumph of our recent Bash 'n' Mash on February 24th. This showcase is designed to inspire both experienced fighters and newcomers as we groom the champions and stars of the future.

The show will be live-streamed on our revamped platform,, which will launch within a two weeks from now. In addition, our team will professionally photograph all fights and grant you complimentary access to the images on


The Fight-Card

K1 Rules - 58-60kg - 3x3 rounds Professional match
Jay Snoddon (Belfast, N,Ireland) Vs Marat Yankovsky (Riga, Latvia)

K1 Rules 59-61 kg 3 x 2 rounds
Cahal Walsh (ProKick) Vs Eddie Islas (Golden Dragon - The Loop)

Low Kick Rules 58-60kg 3x1.5 rounds
Alex Agnew (ProKick) Vs Ralph Wilson (Champions Kickboxing Larne)

Low-Kick Rules 70-72kg 3 x 2 rounds
Gareth Silvey (ProKick) Vs Luis Tita (Larry BlackDragon Cavan)

K1 Rules 67-69kg 3 x 2 rounds
Robbie McQuaide (ProKick) Vs Vytas Endzielaitis (Portadown)

K1 Rules 50-52kg 3x1.5 rounds
Reuben Graham (ProKick) Vs Daniel McConnell (Rath Mor Warriors, Derry)

K1 Rules - 64–66kg - 3x2 rounds
Leo Fitzpatrick (ProKick) Vs Shea Dillon (Golden Dragon - The Loop)

K1-Rules 74-76kg 3 x 2 rounds

Jay Munn (ProKick) Vs Tommy O Connor (Black Dragon, Galway)

Low-Kick Rules 72-74kg 3 x 2 rounds
Matthew Agnew (ProKick) Vs Matthew Lennon (Larry BlackDragon Cavan)

K1-Rules 70-72kg 3 x 2 rounds
Brodhi Murphy (ProKick) Vs Sean Forrest (Black Dragon, Galway)

K1 - Rules 95kg 3 x 2 rounds
TBCVs Tiernan McNally (Golden Dragon - The Loop)


Junior Matches

Light Low Kick Rules
Hunter Moore (ProKick) Vs Carter McAllister (Champions Kickboxing Larne)

Light Low Kick Rules
Gerard McCartan (ProKick) Vs Harry McCowan (Champions Kickboxing Larne)

Light Low Kick Rules
Jude Young (ProKick) Vs Jonathan Sanderson (Champions Kickboxing Larne)

Light Low Kick Rules
Amelia Cieslikowska (ProKick) Vs Lilly McPherson (Champions Kickboxing Larne)



Gary Lynch - K1 Rules or Low -kick - 73-75kg - 5ft9 Age 17- 7 fights.

Owen Brown - K1-Rules or Low-kick - 74-76kg - 5ft9 - 23 years old - 4 fights

Lewis Gregg - K1-Rules or Low-kick - 78-80kg - Age 22 - 1 fight & no other fight experience

Ayomide Oyedele - K1-Rules or Low-kick - 76-78kg - Age 21 - 1 fight & no other fight experience

Conor McHugh - K1 rules or low kick- 77-79kg - Age 25- no fights & no other fight experience


FAO: Kickboxing clubs and coaches

If you have any newcomers interested, please reach out to us. Additionally, if you have other fighters and kids looking for light contact, kindly provide us with their details as we might have suitable matches available.

For additional details, feel free to reach out via phone or email using the contact information provided above.

Thank you.

Billy Murray


Contact: Billy Murray
Mobile: + 44 (0)7885 284409
Gym: + 44 (0)28 9065 1074

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