FIGHT-CARD for the Inaugural WKN Champions Fight League

September 24, 2022

TODAY Jay Snoddon and the ProKick Team will go through the ropes.


FIGHT-CARD - for the inaugural ProKick 'Champions Fight League'

WKN European featherweight K1 title 5 x 2 - 60.3kg
Jay Snoddon (N,Ireland) (WINNER points) - Vs - Sam Wingqvist (Sweden)

WKN - K1 Rules 3x2 - Heavyweight
Sammy Balogh (ProKick, Belfast) Vs Ivo Chapanov (WINNER 1st TKO)(UppercutTeam, Cyprus)

WKN - Low-kick Rules 3x2 - 69-70Kg
Dan Braniff (WINNER 2nd TKO)(ProKick, Belfast) Vs Sean Fortune (Waterford

WKN - K1 Rules 3x2 - 69-72kg
Gary Lynch (ProKick, NI) Vs Petros Foulides (WINNER points)(UppercutTeam, Cyprus)

WKN - Low-kick Rules 3x2 - 60-62Kg
Adam Davidson (WINNER points)(ProKick, Belfast) Vs Darragh Deady (Waterford)

WKN - Low-kick Rules 3x2 - 60kg
Pierce Campbell (WINNER points) (ProKick, NI) Vs Max Kolaczynski (Yamabushi, Switzerland)

WKN - K1 Rules 3x2 - Catchweight
Ollie Hamilton (ProKick, Belfast) Vs Eilidhl Craib (DRAW) (Fraserburgh, Scotland)

Light-Contact - Juniors

Light Contact K1 rules - 2 x 1.5-minute rounds (no head contact)
Leo Smith (WINNER ) (ProKick, Belfast) Vs Dylan Hayes ( Waterford)

Light Contact Low Kick Bout 2 x 1.5-minute rounds
Zuzanna Dzikowska (ProKick, Belfast) VS Millie Duthie (WINNER) (Fraserburgh, Scotland)

Light Contact Low Kick Bout 2 x 1.5-minute rounds 37kg
Lucas Davey (ProKick, Belfast) Vs Harper Wilson (WINNER) (Fraserburgh, Scotland)

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