Circuit Class

  • Classes are on: Thursday 14th March
  • Class cost: £20

ProKick Circuit classes are all suspended because of Covid-19. Hopefully it will not be to much longer before we start these popular style classes. Our regular syllabus classes and bag classes are on as normal. See below for times. At ProKick we offer a wide range of exercising from circuit training classes for strength and conditioning which will help for any sport, not just for fight sports. Our popular strength and condition class returns for our GET FIT for Summer Campaign and is available to all ProKick members as additional training.

Rowena Bolt Circuit Training On Hammer at ProKick

Rowena Bolt Circuit Training On Hammer at ProKick

We tailor classes from just normal keep-fit classes, kickboxing style - right up to the top end were fighters are fighting for international and championship matches.

This class pictured in this video was from an open class which was open to all ProKick members from all levels from beginners right up to the competitor, There is always a monster Pads class which comes right after the circuit training class, bring you close to giving up pushing you right to the end.

We pull no punches in our classes at ProKick - we take what do here extremely serious and expect the same in return:

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Billy Murray.

Kickboxing Circuit training

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