Beginners Sparring

  • Next course starts: 2nd January at 6:00pm
  • Course duration: 6 weeks
  • Course cost: £25

A new Beginners Sparring Course - here's a chance to put your technique into practice in a controlled environment. We’ve got a great new 6 week sparring course for the always learning and improving ProKicker. This course is designed specifically for those who want a few rounds of sparring in order to improve their technique as they take their training to the next level. Do you want to work on your combinations in a controlled environment? Or work on your evasive moves and timing? Then this course is for you!

New sparring class for beginners starts TONIGHT 2nd JAN 2019

New sparring class for beginners starts TONIGHT 2nd JAN 2019

This is a new beginners Sparring 6 week course starting at 6pm Wednesday 2nd JAN - This course will suit those who have never sparred before and those who have just recently finished the last course and don't feel ready to move to 6.45pm. Groups will work separately in the class. NO fighters in this class. Book your place.

You’ll have opportunity to develop your footwork, hone your defensive skills and sharpen your technique. All of this will be done under the watchful instruction of Coach Billy Murray who will undoubtedly provide motivation and insight from his years of experience. This is a great opportunity to enhance what you have been learning in syllabus classes and see it all flow together in a sparring session.

Who is it for?

This is open to all levels at ProKick and all members however, it is not a fighter's class. The class is an opportunity designed to
help those members who want to bring their training up another level without fighting competitively.

What you need to bring

  • Gum shield
  • Groin guard
  • Running shoes and shin guards
  • The rest we have at the gym, for now.
Beginners Sparring Class kicks off again 2nd JAN 2019
Beginners Sparring Class kicks off again 2nd JAN 2019

When and what is the cost?

This sparring course kicks off again Wednesday 2nd Jan 2019 @ 6pm. and costs £25 for the 6 week course or £7.50 a session. And if you want just a single class for a one off session cost is just £7.50 per session.

Contact Prokick reception for more information or to put your name forward. Email: or book on-line

Beginners and advanced level sparring
Beginners and advanced level sparring
Beginner Lady Killers ProKick Gym
Beginner Lady Killers ProKick Gym

What Prokick expects from you?

Truth - be yourself.
Discipline - give your training everything you can.
Respect - for yourself and others.

Sparring for Beginners

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