Boxing & Knee Drills for Beginners Part 2

Beginners guide for boxing and knee strikes from ProKick - Part 2 of our Basic boxing and Knee striking drills are caught on video with Belfast's Billy Murray. Here’s a follow on from Part No.1 of Basic Boxing drills for the Beginner - Our 2nd #video on #basic #ProKick pad drills for #beginners is demonstrated by #BillyMurray and #JohnnySwiftSmith from - This time featured, it's boxing drills incorporating the use of the knee strike.

Johnny Knee Strike

Johnny Knee Strike

No.2 of our Boxing drills is when we incorporate a little knee action for the beginner level 1 & Advanced beginner (For study alongside the tutorial video). So you’ve finished & survived 6 weeks of basic training at a ProKick beginners course, this is the follow on. In the next level, 'Advance Beginners’ you will incorporate a little contact (don’t worry, not on each other!) Glove boxing leading to pad work - a few simple basic boxing & knee drills for the beginner. This will help with building confidence, speed and technique for both the boxer and the pad person.

Glove Boxing & knee pad work: This includes, upper-cuts, hook punches along with knee strikes, combinations drills with or out-out a partner. You and a partner will take turns alternating between holding pads and punching. Or practice on your own in shadow boxing drills routine. Important, at this level: Do not hit hard, move around, keep talking to minimal and fix technique constantly throughout the practice of these boxing & knee drills.

Jab (lead left hand) Knee (starting with left or right)

Double jab Knee ( the opposite knee strike every time)

1- 2 punch ( Known as left-right punch, Right-left if southpaw) Knee - ( the opposite knee strike every time)

1- 2 then add a left hook Knee - ( the opposite knee strike every time)

Right Upper-cut Left-hook - short form Up-hook Knee - ( the opposite knee strike every time)

Up - hook add a right (left if southpaw) Knee - ( the opposite knee strike every time)

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Basic Boxing & Knee Part 2

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