jake mccready

train hard fight easy. that is what needs to be done to win and after all those hard weeks of training it finally paid of and i won my fight. even though everyone didn’t win it takes you to have a   lot of guts to get between the ropes and it takes u to be a bit mad as well. i think we have all had a great experience in this and we are all fitter than we have been in our lives. I had a lot of fun on fight day and i am looking forward to getting into the ropes again when the time is right.

By jake mccreadyjake mccready on 01 May 2014

jake mccready

all the training is finally over the last class was tonight and it was a easy enough lesson for the first time in a long time. January seems like years ago. But i hope it the hard work pays of on Sunday good luck to everyone and i think we can all win if we stay calm and do as we are told

By jake mccreadyjake mccready on 09 Apr 2014

jake mccready

I had a great class last night it was hard but i had lots of fun only two more classes to go then three days of be fore the fights i really can’t wait now go team prokick

By jake mccreadyjake mccready on 08 Apr 2014

jake mccready

none stop class tonight with light sparring different exorcises and pads. i had great fun tonight. if anyone happens to find my prokick track bottoms please return them thanks. and congrats to Johnny and Brook on the new baby

By jake mccreadyjake mccready on 02 Apr 2014

jake mccready

good class tonight 8 laps around the block and then a hard class on the pads. i’m having a lot of fun this week witch is fun and i’m looking forward to training tomorrow

By jake mccreadyjake mccready on 01 Apr 2014

jake mccready

class was brilliant to night we ran 5.5 miles and then did a full class afterwards. I feel really great after it. even if we all lose our fights which i don’t think will happen know one can say that we weren’t fit enough for it

By jake mccreadyjake mccready on 31 Mar 2014

jake mccready

good class tonight we all pushed it to our limits, and those who didn’t got punished for it with an extra lap. the frights are getting really close now. I hope i can hack another week of boot camp.

By jake mccreadyjake mccready on 26 Mar 2014

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