Prokick Fighters

Michael Swann

Irish Title holder

Record 8F 5W, 2L, 3D, 1KO
Assoc. WKN - Prokick
Height 6ft 2"
Weight 64-67 kg
Style K1
Age 27
Birthplace N. Ireland

Michael Swann joined Prokick to become fitter and just six months into training he was completely hooked on the sport and entered the ring for his first competitive Full-Contact kickboxing bout. He also enjoys football when he has time off work as an Electrical Engineer. Michael has massed four fights to date and was to fight in Japan. Unfortunately he took a fight 2 weeks before Japan, in London and was knocked out. On medical grounds, he was therefore unable to compete in the 'Home of K1' He traveled with the team and helped out behind the scenes. Swann had his first bout of 2015 during the Total Divas event held at the Holiday Inn on 29th March and won by KO - his next fight takes place on 5th June 2016 as part of the ProKick Idols show at the Clayton Hotel, Belfast. Swann attended the WMAG in Switzerland in September 2015 and had 3 light contact matches with 3 wins. Michael Swann has successfully defended his WKN Irish full contact title against Cathal Dunne of Athlone. The pair fought at the Queens Hall Usual Suspects show February 5th 2017.


Further information about Michael Swann:

What got you interested in kickboxing?

I got interested in kickboxing as a way to become more fit and learn how to take care of myself.

What are your future ambitions?
Obviously to continue competing and on day have a Title Belt wrapped around my waist and my hand in the air.

What are your hobbies out side kickboxing? 

I like taking random journeys to places around the country I haven't visited before and going for runs to the various places in Northern Ireland that has breathtaking views like the Mourne Mountains and one of my favourite places is the top of the cliffs at Cave Hill. I don't really do much these days that isn't kickboxing related, I get up every morning go for a run then go to work and after that I'll head straight to Prokick then home again at night for dinner.

Favourite food?

I love steaks and chicken 

Favourite healthy food
Bananas and pink lady apples 

Favourite Band or Music or Artist
used to DJ so my music taste changes regularly one song will only be good for a few weeks then I'm onto something else
Favourite Movie?
Big into my horror films, can't beat a bit of Gore. Quite like the Nightmare on Elm Street films but the new Freddy is rubbish.

Favourite holiday destination?
I really like Ibiza it's a beautiful island and the music is always on point.

What makes you annoyed?

People who chew chewing gum with their mouth open, people who don`t indicate when they are driving (I`m a bit bad with the oul` road rage)

If you could be one person who would it be and why?

Someone who's completely minted. 

If you had a million pounds what would you buy first?

A holiday for a couple of months and just lie in the sun all day while the interest builds up.

What do your friends think of you kickboxing?

They all seem interested in it and are always very supportive, more so after me fighting in Gran Canaria recently when they were able to watch over the Internet live as I think the majority of them didn't have a good understanding of the sport until they watched it and they all loved it.

What do your family think of you kickboxing?

My family are very supportive and are pleased that I`ve found something I love doing (I owe alot to them).

Are you married? and how long?

No, no time for women, but I'm currently in a relationship with Prokick at the minute she's a hard girl to please but I love her lol. 

Kids ?
Not that I know of...

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Fight Results

Amateur International match 4x2 - match made at 66.6kg
Michael Swann
66.9 (Belfast, NI) Vs Cathal Dunne 65.4kg (Wolfpack)
And still....WKN Irish champion "Michael Swan" Swan takes it on points.

The only title on the card and it was for the WKN championship of Ireland featured in the welterweight division 66.7kg under Full-Contact rules scheduled over 4x2 rounds
Michael Swann WINNER 4th round KO (Belfast, NI) Vs Cathal Dunne (Athlone, IRE)

April 16th 2016 - Gran Canaria
Michael Swann (lost points) Vs Ayoze Rodrigues Rodrigues.

 Total Divas Holiday Inn 29/03/2015
Full-Contact Rules 3x2 rounds  66kg
(Winner KO) Michael Swann (Belfast, NI) VS Ian Callinan (TopPro Carlow,IRE)

London, England - 20-11-2010 - Lost (3rd KO)
Full Contact Kickboxing Rules - 60kg - 3x2 Minute Rounds
Michael Swann (ProKick NI) Vs James Hurst (London)

  Belfast, Holiday Inn - 12-10-2010 - Draw
Full Contact Kickboxing Rules - 62kg - 3x2 Minute Rounds
Michael Swann (ProKick NI) Vs Sean Barrett (Waterford) 

Michael Swann had an unexpected rematch against Waterfords Sean Barrett again the two came to undecided decision as the judges couldn't split the pair.
If a third bout is on the cards hopefully this will be the decider. 

  Belfast, Holiday Inn - 12-04-2010 - Draw 
Full Contact Kickboxing Rules - 60kg - 3x2 Minute Rounds
Michael Swann Vs Sean Barrett (Billy O'Sullivan - Waterford)

Image Gallery
Tyrone Spong pictured with the ProKick team at the ANA Intercontinental hotel Tokyo Japan

Team ProKick Sparring with J-Network - Video
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Ist Fight Done Swannie..Well Done

Yeeee Haaaaa


By Mark1 on 11 Apr 2010

Barbara Swann

Well done Swannie, love from all the family including David and Drew xx

By Barbara SwannBarbara Swann on 11 Apr 2010

Barbara Swann

All the best for the fight Michael - you should be ok as you have had plenty of practice fight with your brother over the years LOL

By Barbara SwannBarbara Swann on 25 Mar 2010

tina hutton

good luck at fight babes !!!! show them how its done !!!! stay (EDIT) strong !!!

By tina huttontina hutton on 14 Mar 2010

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