Boot Camp Ultimate

  • Next course starts: 8th January at 6:00am
  • Course duration: 3 Days
  • Course cost: £10

Billy Murray's Kickboxing style Bootcamp is an exercise program developed to prepare for beginners just looking to tone-up or drop weight and also enhence those who's quest is to go through the ropes and compete, for the beginner and at the highest level of world championship title fights.

ProKick Boot Camp Belfast

ProKick Boot Camp Belfast

Now Murray has expanded his expertise and incorporated the Camp as part of his ProKick system as an extreme fitness program guaranteeing amazing results in a short period of time. Billy's BootCamp is also a tough no-nonsense fitness regime for the non-competitor. £10 for 3 days Mon, Wed & Friday starts at 6am is for members only. Non members is priced at £50 for the week. BOOK NOW

Murray’s knowledge spans over 40 years with a mixed martial arts career which includes karate, kung-fu, boxing, Ju-jitsu, Tai-Jutsu, Point fighting, Mauy-Thai and Full-contact Kickboxing.

Have you got what it takes to be part of Belfast’s leading Boot Camp?

Why do it alone when you can join our motivating inspirational but yet exhausting Boot Camp. Let us put you through your paces with our expert winning formula!

We run extreme fitness bootcamps throughout the year; rain, hail or snow and occasionally in the sunshine. Every session we will
push you past the limits you have set for yourself and help you achieve a new one. It won’t be a case of “just one more sit-up” it`ll be “more, more, and another one” – we want you to get your moneys worth.

ProKick BootCamp
ProKick BootCamp

What you need to bring

  • Any training gear you usually have for fitness classes.
  • Enthusiasm, motivation and commitment, to get the best results.
  • An open-mind regarding nutrition – we’ll need you to eat healthy to sustain the energy levels required.

What to expect from Boot Camp

  • Your limits will be stretched and surpassed.
  • Your new approach will help you build a stronger, healthier
  • relationship with exercise and nutrition creating long term life-style changes
  • Unequalled weight loss results – nothing you’ve done before will match the fat burn Billy’s Boot Camp will achieve
  • Noticeable increase in fitness and energy levels within one week long Boot Camp

What Prokick expects from you?

Truth - be yourself.
Discipline - give your training everything you can.
Respect - for yourself and others.

Billy's BootCamp

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