Rowena Bolt

Rowena Bolt Profile


  • Record: 9F 6W 3L 0D
  • Association: WKN - ProKick
  • Height: 5ft 4"
  • Weight: 52-54kg
  • Style: Full Contact / Low-Kick
  • Age: 18/02/81
  • Bithplace: Enniskillen - County Fermanagh
Rowena Sprung on to the fight scene in 2014 and has since become a regular fixture at ProKick. She Juggles her full time job as a radiographer and is a single parent to Lauren the light of her life.
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Img 8104

Rowena Bolt had no martial art, boxing or any fight experience previous to her successful debut in 2014.
Rowena signed up for her second fight at the Holiday Inn, Belfast, on 29th March 2015 and was on the main card as part of the Total Divas show - Bolt was true to previous form and won her bout after a fast and furious display of her skills.

Bolt kept the winning score again on Sunday 14th June at the Holiday Inn, Belfast on the 'Made in ProKick' show with another 2nd round win.

WMAG Switerzland 11th/12th September 2015 Rowena Bolt faced Laurien Geerebaert (CH) the referee stopped the fight in the first round.

Next outing was June 5th at the Clayton hotel in Belfast.

Rowena competed with a team of four who went to Gran Carries on May 6th
Results in Brief from: Night of the Braves III - Las Palmas, Gran Canaria 

Amateur Low-Kick match 3x2 June 11th 2017 New/Ards Co.Down
 Rowena Bolt WINNER Points (NI) Vs Julia Chatellier (Yamabushi, Switzerland)

Rowena Bolt, fought under low-kick rules lost on a very close fight on a split decision. This was a competitive match from start to finish, with ringsiders thinking that Rowena should have received the nod from the judges.
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Next Fight:
17th FEB 2018 at the Stormont Hotel Belfast - The WKN Irish title at 53kg

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