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A big congrats to the team - The pressure was on at this the last ProKick Exam of 2016

Christmas Grading at ProKick 2016

December 18 2016

It was a happy #Murray and Kicking #Christmas for some well earned high-kicking #ProKickers on Sunday 18th DEC 2016 as KICKmas came early. It was the last grading day of the year for the older members at the estemmed club…

The new Belters from #beginners to #yellowbelt moved up the ladder of kickboxing excellence to the next level.

November Grading 2016

November 06 2016

PROKICK BELFAST #Sunday 06th November 2016 - it was #graduation day for some at the #ProKickGym in #eastBelfast for the #enthusiastic #Kickboxing #students . The new Belters from #beginners to…

Here's your chance to grade and belt-up. ProKick's next grading is set for Sunday 6th November 2016

Adult Yellow & Orange belt Grading

November 06 2016

TODAY Do you want to move up a level on the kickboxing ladder of excellence? If yes, then here's your chance to grade and belt-up. ProKick's next grading is TODAY…

It was a special grading day for at the ProKick school of kickboxing excellence as student moved to the next level.

ProKick Grading Belters - Sept 2016

September 28 2016

BELFAST Wednesday 28th SEPT 2016 -- it was graduation day for some of ProKick's enthusiastic Kickboxing students. The new Belters from beginners from yellow & orange belts move up the…

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