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Billy’s ProKick Bootcamp 2017 - It all Kicked-started this morning Monday 29th May with a no-nonsense fitness regime which is tried, tested and works!

Bootcamp May 2017

May 29 2017

​BOOTCAMP and here we go again today May 29th to June 2nd - running, jogging, push-ups, sit-up’s and much much more. Day 1 kicked off this morning at 6am with another packed class all keen to get on with moving…

Are you ready for an early morning injection of fitness - well, it all starts at ProKick on Mon 29th May - Friday the 2nd June 2017.

Billy’s ProKick Bootcamp 2017 TODAY

May 28 2017

Here we go again as it all starts NOW - running, jogging, push-ups, sit-up’s and more. There is no easy way to get fit or even to stay in shape…

ProKick's next grading is set for Sunday 28th May 2017. This grading is for our ProKick Adults going for Yellow & Orange Belts.

Here is your chance to grade and belt-up

May 27 2017

GRADING TODAY - Do you want to move up a level on the kickboxing ladder of excellence? If yes, then here's your chance to grade and belt-up. ProKick's next grading…

Strength & conditioning & pads class - exercising by way of circuit training ProKick Style - Check out the video below

Circuit and Pads class BACK

May 26 2017

Our Strength conditioning & Pad class is back this Thursday 1st June @ 6pm. the class starts sharp at 6pm until 6:45pm. The circuit class for Strength Conditioning & pads…

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