Jake McCready

Jake Mccready Profile


  • Record: Full contact record: 4F 4W Light-Contact record: 9F 6W 2L 1D
  • Association: Prokick - WKN
  • Height: 5' 10"
  • Weight: 66-68KG
  • Style: Light Contact, Full Contact, K1
  • Age: 01-10-2000 - 16 years old
  • Bithplace: Belfast Northern Ireland
Jake started training at Prokick in 2009. He has progressed through the beltsAchieving Junior Black belt 2016. On the competitive side, Jake has an impressive 9 fights (light-Contact) for such a young age.
Jake Right Roundhouse
Jake Right Roundhouse

2013 was a busy year for Jake, he had nine light contact fights, eight of them being in Switzerland. In March Jake travelled with his ProKick teammates to take part in an inter-club competition with Mr Carl Emerys-Yamabushi Club. He had his first fight on the mats which he won, he then entered the ring for two further fights and won both. In August Jake returned to Switzerland as the ProKick team competed in the World Martial Arts Games. Jake won one gold, and two silver medals in what turned out to be a very successful event for the ProKick gym. He won and defended his first title of Irish school boys champion which was defended in Febuarys The Usual Suspects 2 in Queens hall ards.

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