Cathy McAleer

Cathy On Speed Ball


  • Record:
  • Association: WKN - ProKick
  • Height: 5`5
  • Weight: 55-60kg
  • Style: Full contact - Low-Kick - K1 Style - Karate
  • Age: 36 yrs
  • Bithplace: South Belfast - Northern Ireland
Cathy McAleer has been kick-boxing at ProKick for the last 14 years and in martial arts for close to 30 years, she`s always been sports mad and played county football until choosing martial arts. Cathy has gone up against Fadma Basrir twice during 2014 in a bid to take the WKN Amateur Lightweight world title from its current holder.

The first time was during the summer in Paris and the second in the Ulster Hall in September - both matches were declared a draw allowing the Basrir to retain her title. McAleer had her first bout of 2015 during the Total Divas event held at the Holiday Inn on 29th March. The match was against Stéphanie Aubertin from France for the WKN Amateur lightweight European title - McAleer won the main event match on points. On Sunday 14th June at Prokicks latest event Made in ProKick Cathy Won her Prestige match against Dani Hodges. McAleer's became Amateur WKN world champion on the KICKmas 2015 at the Clayton Hotel. Cathy fought Ariana Siegel from New-York for the title and stopped the American in the 1st round.

On June 5th in Belfast 2016 in Prestige match 4x2 Low-kick Style Catchweight 60kg Cathy McAleer (WON RSF 3rd) (Belfast, NI) over German Fabienne Erdas. Cathy defeats Kylie Cocker of Malta by a stoppage at the Queens Hall Newtownards February 5th 2017

Cathy McAleer is the founder of NIKA ( Northern Ireland karate Academy) and also runs two clubs in Queens Leisure Complex Holywood and
Stormont Pavilion. She has number of world, European, British and Irish
champions in the clubs - both junior and seniors. 2:1 BA HONS DEGREE in sports marketing.

Qualified: Sports massage therapist /hot stones and sweedish massage
3rd Dan Karate Instructor and national coach for Northern Ireland.
World karate champion 2005 Serbia. 3 European karate medals and undefeated Northern Ireland champion for 10 consecutive years.

I left university and worked for for a year then started in
Virgin Active where I worked my way up from a receptionist to membership manager, sales manager, assistant manager to general manager of the club. I have worked in Virgin for 12 1/2 years and managed the Belfast club for 7 years. I am highly involved in health and fitness and love my job even though its very pressurised with targets to meet but it's also rewarding when my team and I can make massive impact on people's lifestyle and change lives. Many people who enter the gym have never been a member before, or done sports before but may need to for health reasons, weight, social or getting ready for a massive event in their life. To help that person achieve their own individual aim and goals is very rewarding.

It was tough at start as it’s predominantly a male
dominate role (general manager of health club) and I was very young
going into role at 28. However I worked hard and proved myself. Very
similar to martial arts and kickboxing, a lot would say male dominated
sport - however one that's massive benefit to females for self-defence,
fitness and confidence, even if you didn't want to compete.
similar to coaching karate the impact on confidence, self-esteem and
discipline with children is massive and very rewarding, especially when
you see them grow, develop and learn. Having the ability to pass down my
experience and knowledge gained from travelling all over world to
future stars, and seeing them improve and learn, is what keeps me
involved in coaching.
Many people ask me How do you fit it all in and also have energy to compete and train? I
suppose when you love what you do then you find time. I really look
forward to getting  down to Prokick after work or coaching for a tough
session myself. To switch off and have someone tell me what to do, and
break away from work targets and pressure and distress is amazing... I
also find the more I train the more energy I have and the better I feel,
making my concentration, alertness in work, and managing my team far
better. Health body, health mind is a truestatement and my motivation
and enthusiasm seems to rub off on my team in Vrgin – every single one
of them train hard, talk about nutrition and are constantly interested
in my training programme asking for, progress about September, how
sparring went, how fast my runs are, what's my nutrition and supplements
etc.. As a leader/manager it's important to lead by example and a
healthy happy team gets results and increased customer service faster
than a negative team that are unhappy.
The build-up to the Sept
event has been massive so far and the training with Mr Murray and the
other 6 fighters has been brilliant. A really close-bound team and we
are all in it together.. No matter what: who's injured, tired, having an
off day, etc  we all stick together and help each other. It's hard to
explain the atmosphere but its lead by Mr Murrays approach and warmth
towards us ( not to mention his brutal training to prepare us for the
worst in the ring) All seven fighters are putting 100% effort in and
working non-stop from 6am boot camps, to 4pm runs, to class in the
evening. This is what it takes at world level training and when you want
it bad you will put the work in.Synergy Health sponsor my supplements
and have been brilliant to me, helping me to maintain the energy levels
needed to get me through each gruelling day.
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Cathy McAleer - Usual Suspects

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